Track Record


  • The Management Team has drilled over 1,250,000 feet of hole in the past ten years with its solely-owned operations companies: BBX Operating, Brazos Valley Operating and Eagle Valley Operating
  • Over 450,000 feet of horizontal laterals have been drilled specifically in the Austin Chalk, with the operational team doing all the planning and steering
  • The drilling activity has concentrated in the Brazos Valley area (see cover photo) and in East Texas: Polk, Tyler, Grimes and Angelina Counties
  • The team specializes in high pressure, high production rates with wells flowing at rates over 1,000 Barrels of oil per day and 20,000 MCF gas.
  • We are oil finders. Every well location and every foot of hole is carefully placed to ensure that the royalty owners’ rights are maximized to the fullest extent possible
  • Special attention is paid to safety. The team is well-known as leaders in safety and run monthly safety meetings that include representatives of the vendors while drilling and completion operations are underway. Landowners are welcome to attend
  • We work closely with the surface owner to place the locations and minimize interference with day to day operations where possible


Management brings a significant track record of acquisitions and development projects throughout the Upper Gulf Coast/East Texas Trend, and other areas

Development Projects

  1. 1991 Giddings Field – La Grange, Texas
    Led ATX operator drilling 15-over-pressured horizontal wells
  2. 1993 Giddings Field – South Navasota River, Grimes County, Texas
    Sold to Chesapeake – drilled 55 prolific Chalk wells
  3. 1996 – 2000 Masters Creek Field – Rapides Parrish, Louisiana
    Participated in 36 high volume Austin Chalk wells
  4. 1997 La Ultima Project – Webb County, Texas
    Assembled 100,000 acres, sold to Anadarko
  5. 2003 Brookeland Field – Tyler County, Texas
    30,000 acre position, sold to Anadarko – 47prolific Chalk wells
  6. 2007 Double A Wells North Field – Polk County, TX –Austin Chalk Discovery
  7. 2007 Magnolia Springs Field – Jasper County
    Operations established in East Texas . Drilled and completed 40 over- pressured horizontal Austin Chalk wells
  8. 2010 GE Credit Facility, senior debt with stretch component
  9. 2012 Beech Grove Field Woodbine Discovery – Jasper County, TX
    30 mile step out to nearest similar production, proving the potential of over 2 million acres
  10. 2015 110 square-mile state of the art 3-D seismic – Beech Grove
  11. 2016 Aquila Vado Field – 55,000 acres Grimes County, Texas
    First well drilled
  12. 2017 Beech Grove Field – Extension drilling based on new 3-D
  13. 2017 JV – Eagle Ford
  14. 2017 JV Discussions – Eagleville


  1. 2003, Saner Lease East Texas
    9 wells
    4.5x increase in production
  2. 2004 Hopmar
    110 wells Gregg/Rusk
    Martineau Petroleum Inc.
  3. 2006 Miss/La acquisitions
  4. 2006 XTO Acquisitions  –
    Leon County, TX
  5. 2007 BWOC Acquisitions
    80 wells, infrastructure
    “Eaglebine” reservoirs
  6. 2008 –
    Ownerships consolidated
  7. 2009 – DHM formed
    Participate in 60 wells
  8. 2011 JV with Leexus. Chiltepin
    Acquisitions in Giddings Field
    36 wells re-drilled in Austin Chalk
    Macquarie mezzanine financing
    2017 -Re-entry and re-work program
  9. 2011-12 Clearfork
    Managed and sold 75 wells
  10. 2013-2016 – Pogo/Plains, Alta Mesa, Devon, Linn (BBX)
    Polk County Chalk and Woodbine assets
  11. 2013-17 Bandera Ventures
    Bakken and Cline Payzones
    300 non-operated wells
  12. 2017 Appalachia Acquisition from Chesapeake – $150 MM
    5,000 wells
    5,000 miles of pipe
    90,000 MCFGPD