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Owner Relations

Documentation may be mailed to:

Eagle Valley Energy

13413 Galleria Circle

Bldg Q, Suite 100

Austin, TX 78738

Here you will find some scenarios that you as an owner may encounter. This page has a menu of options that will provide you with some quick answers. Please complete the Contact Us form if you have any further questions. Thank you!

Change of Address

If your address has changed, please notify Eagle Valley immediately.  Before a payment can be sent to a new address, a change of address form signed by the interest owner must be sent to Eagle Valley. The form can be accessed from the drop-down menu under Owner Relations.  Please note that the owner's signature on the change of address form must be notarized before a change of address can be finalized.

Direct Deposit

Please complete the ACH form found in the drop-down menu found under the Owner Relations tab. 

Owner or Entity  Name Changes

Please provide the following documentation accordingly.

Individual's Name:

  • Copy of Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree or other documents affecting name change; or

  • Court Order evidencing the name change


Agent or Attorney-in-Fact:

  • Copy of Power of Attorney


Trust or Partnership is Established:

  • Trust or Partnership Agreement, and if applicable;

  • Document conveying the interest in a property to a Trust or Partnership, which needs to be filed of record in the county/parish where the property is located


Trust or Partnership is Dissolved:

  • Dissolution of Trust or Partnership, and if applicable;

  • recorded conveyances to beneficiary or beneficiaries, which needs to be filed of record in the county where the property is located


Change of Trustee:

  • Recorded instrument evidencing the successor trustee was appointed, which needs to be filed of record in the county where the property is located

Death of an Owner

Please provide the following documentation accordingly.

Owner died with a Will and probate proceedings have been or will be conducted:

  • Copy of Death Certificate;

  • Certified copy of the probated Last Will & Testament filed in the county the property is located;

  • Letters Testamentary; and

  • Order admitting Will to Probate


Owner died without a Will or if Will is not probated (intestate):

  • Copy of Death Certificate;

  • Recorded copy of an Affidavit of Heirship properly executed by a disinterested third party (non-family member), which needs to be recorded in the county where this property is located, and if available;

  • Certified copy of the administrative proceedings for the Estate

Sale or Purchase of Interest

​Please provide the following documentation.

  • Conveyance document evidencing the sale or acquisition, which needs to be filed of record in the county where the property is located


Under the Owner Relations tab, please select FAQ from the drop-down menu. 

Sale or Purchase Interest
Direct Deposit
Change of Address
Death of an Owner
Name Changes

Let's Work Together

Eagle Valley Energy is determined that we must create and be a part of a Culture of Safety.  We strive to use the tools and education necessary to live and work in a safe environment. 

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